The five senses plus one

Smell alerts you from afar,with the heady essence of fresh bread from the neighbourhood bakery.

Sight is magnetized by the colors of the earth,combined in the loaf of bread, married by tradition.

From the darkness of the soil to the bright yellow of the sun.

Touch revels in feeling the bread and from the heavenly contrast between the golden crust and the tender texture hidden within.

Hearing is stimulated by robust squeezing of the loaf which shatters the crust, releasing aromas and promises.

Taste becomes intoxicated from the very first contact with the edge of the lip and the tip of the tongue, the palate enchanted from dancing with the swirling mouthfuls of bread.

We work to cover all five senses.

Kepenos Flour Mills

And we bow before the sixth, our Memory,

Coming to us from centuries past, like the wind,

with fragrances of Greece, soil, toil and struggle.

Our memory.

Our land.

Our bread.